A 'Trolls' Movie In The Works Starring Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick

Yes... those trolls.

According to Deadline, Justin Timblerlake will join Anna Kendrick in voicing the ferociously colored haired friends. There's also most likely going to be musical numbers, and according to the article, they will be showing their "true colors."

Timberlake will be playing a troll named Branch, who is a survivalist, and Kendrick will be playing Princess Poppy.

If this is anything like Inside Out where their personalities match their hair color, this could be pretty hilarious. Which means, of course, here's our other picks for the random troll-friends:

Bruno Mars

A photo posted by Bruno Mars (@brunomars) on

If there's singing and theatrics, don't you think Bruno should be involved somehow?


Because she could be the rough and tumble girl who's really loveable and awesome!

Anne Hathaway

Because Anne has such an animated voice, and she can totally sing so that's a plus!

Hugh Jackman

And Hugh because him and Anne get along so well, they could have their own hilarious chemistry on their own.

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