Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images

WATCH: McCartney Posts Behind-The-Scenes Video of Ringo’s Rock Hall Induction

How good a time did Paul McCartney have at this year's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony? You can find out now thanks to a four-minute behind-the-scenes video McCartney has posted online.

The clip begins with him arriving at Cleveland's Public Hall and shows McCartney hanging out with Ringo Starr -- who he inducted into the Rock Hall that night -- Stevie Wonder, Joe Walsh and Billie Joe Armstrong of Green day; at one juncture McCartney breaks into a hambone routine with Walsh, and at another McCartney, Starr and Wonder embrace each other as Starr says, "We're reforming the group, man. You wanna join?'" Wonder's response: "Yes, I would."

The clip also shows portions of McCartney's induction speech for Starr and their performances together, and it ends with a message from McCartney to Starr: "Here's to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Here's to Ringo Starr. Richard Starkey, born in Liverpool. Best drummer in the world. The man. My Friend. My little brother. Here's to you, baby."

Starr was the Rock Hall's first and only recipient of the Award For Musical Excellence.



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