TJ Bryan

About TJ Bryan

In 8th grade I started my own "radio station" when I began doing the morning announcements over the school PA system.  In addition to announcing all the important news of the day ("Today's lunch choices includes beenie-weenie casserole!"), I would play a song or two and work a few jokes in as well.  Think Bill Murray's character in “Meatballs” and you get the idea. 

I decided to put a suggestion box in the office for people to make requests.  One day I received a very specific request. "We want to hear live coverage of TJ getting hit by a bus." Needless to say I was very popular. But I didn't want to let me "fans" down, so I took my cassette recorder, a blank tape, and my microphone and rode my bike to the busiest highway intersection I could find, and with the sound of cars whooshing by at high speed, I acted out the greatest traffic accident the Jersey Shore had ever seen - or heard. 

The following Monday at 7:55am I cracked the mic and said, "As requested, here is live coverage of me getting hit by a bus." I played back the tape, and as it ended I swear you could hear the thunderous applause all the way down the block. Always give the people what they want.

Thirty-something years later and I still aim to please, and fortunately it's less getting hit by buses and more playing Jersey's Greatest Hits on 100.1 WJRZ!

Debbie DuHaimeDebbie DuHaime is a traffic reporter with Total Traffic and thrilled to be part of the "TJ Bryan in the Morning" show on 100.1 WJRZ!

Debbie attended William Paterson University and hosted her show "Debbie's Dance Classics" on 88.7FM for a few semesters.  She got her first job in radio with WGHT in Pompton Lakes, NJ as a news and sports reporter covering high school football and baseball games. Debbie has always been a huge sports fan and really enjoyed being the public address announcer for the New Jersey Cardinals.  She covered lacrosse for The NJ Pride for several seasons on New Jersey Internet Radio.

You can also catch Debbie on WABC-7/New York Eyewitness News covering area traffic as well as the host of “Meet the Leaders” on Cablevision/Optimum Local. She has interviewed State Senators, Members of the State Assembly, Mayors and even the Lt. Governor.  She is also a volunteer with Good Counsel Homes based out of Hoboken, NJ.

Debbie is on the board of the New Jersey State Organization of Cystic Fibrosis and National Career Institute in East Orange.  She is also a member of the Drug Alliance board in her hometown and volunteers with The Ray of Hope Foundation in Jersey City.