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Bulldog vs. Leafblower

For no reason other than that it's Friday, here's a bulldog taking on a leaf blower. Enjoy! Related posts: Zombie Train Ride (WATCH) Jimmy Fallon And Kevin Hart Ride A Roller Coaster (Watch) All 32 NFL Teams' Star Wars Themed Football Helmets How Annoying Are You On Facebook? (Quiz)

Dax Shepard & Kristen Bell do Africa

Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell might be the cutest Hollywood couple. They just posted a video they made while on safari in Africa, and of course it's a tribute to Toto. Let's all bless the rains!       Related posts: What Happens When The Trombone Player Sneezes. (WATCH) Everyday Struggles Of Being Unathletic(WATCH) IT'S…

Annie Lennox and David Bowie Sing Under Pressure

We have a terrific David Bowie tribute show planned for New Wave Rewind this week. Please tune in Saturday night at 8pm as we bring you a ton of Bowie songs, covers, and surprises. In the meantime, check out Annie Lennox and David Bowie singing Under Pressure.   Under Pressure - Bowie and Lennox

Madonna Pays Tribute To David Bowie

Madonna took time during her Rebel Heart tour performance in Houston to pay tribute to David Bowie. Madonna, in fact, was the one who inducted Bowie into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame in 1996. Check out Madonna doing Rebel Rebel. Note - there's a little salty language during the intro. HD Madonna David…

New Michael Jackson Documentary Set To Debut

Spike Lee has directed a new documentary called "Michael Jackson's Journey from Motown to Off the Wall." The film will have its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival January 24, and then will debut on Showtime Feb. 5 at 9 p.m. Check out this preview clip featuring David Byrne of Talking Heads and Roots drummer…

David Bowie on Extras

In his acting career David Bowie tended to choose more dramatic roles, but he had a terrific sense of humor as well. Check out this scene from the BBC series Extras starring Ricky Gervais. Extras David Bowie

Top Selling Ben & Jerry's Flavors Of 2015

Ben & Jerry's has announced their top selling ice cream flavors of 2015, and once again #1 is Half Baked!    Click the cone for more info from the B&J site, but in the meantime here's the rest of the Top Ten: 2. Cherry Garcia - Cherry ice cream with cherries and fudge flakes. 3.…

Star Trek Beyond trailer

Of course it's Star Wars, nothing but Star Wars this week, but the JJ Abrams-produced Star Trek sequel has dropped a new trailer as well. I'm not entirely sure what's going on in this, but I know I want to see it! Star Trek Beyond Trailer (2016) - Paramount Pictures Related posts: Ice Bucket Challenge…

The New Batman V. Superman Trailer Is INSANE

Holy moley, this new Batman v. Superman trailer looks INTENSE!  I wasn't a big fan of the recent Batman movies or Man of Steel, but I'm all in on this one. I love that DC is going to go the Marvel expanded-universe route with Wonder Woman making an appearance before her own film. It's also…

Monmouth University Hoops Bench Rules All

Monmouth University men's basketball is off to a great start (4-2) with huge wins against UCLA, USC, and Notre Dame, but it's their bench that's getting the press. It's not their performance on the court that's earning them accolade, but their celebrations! Check 'em out. Monmouth has the best bench in basketball