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Play PacMan On Your Street!

Those smarty-pants people at Google have done it again! If you've ever wanted to chomp dots and gobble ghosts on your own street, now you can. Just go to, enter an address, click on the PacMan box in the lower left corner, and have at it! 

The Yankees Do The Sandlot (watch)

Some members of the Yankees have a little fun in spring training as they recreate a scene from the moive The Sandlot, appropirately invoking the name of one Babe Ruth. Catcher Brian McCann actually looks a bit like Ham from the movie! 

The Wrecking Crew Movie Trailer (watch)

Following in the footsteps of Twenty Feet From Stardom, the terrific documentary about background singers, comes the story of the greatest studio musicians around who played on some of the biggest hits of a generation. The Wrecking Crew will be available on iTunes starting next week. 

Inspirational Story From Lakewood

Lakewood High School's Datrell Reed and Chappelle Cook are true inspirations, showing that with hard work and perserverance you can acheive great things. These two stand-out athletes and students had the tears flowing at National Signing Day. With the support of some caring and dedicated teachers and coaches, these two were able to overcome great adversity, ultimately signing on with Villanova and Temple, earning full scholarships in the process.