Beer Made Specifically For You to Enjoy in The Shower

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This New App Can Help Keep You Safe As You're Dating

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8 TV and Film Waitress and Waiter Trivia

We all have a favorite movie or television show that has waiter. From Mystic Pizza to 2 Broke Girls, they all depict those hard-workers who are delivering us our food. From IMDB, here are 8 pieces of trivia from television and film about our favorite waiters or waitresses. Related posts: ABC Family's Halloween Lineup Is…

Don't Text And Date - Especially During A Marvel Movie!

A man is suing a woman after he took her to see Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 - AND SHE WAS TEXTING DURING THE MOVIE.  Related posts: Things You Shouldn't Do To Your Significant Other During The Holidays OMG, The 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Disneyland Ride Is Almost Here! There’s Now A Dating App Based On…

Men Now Have The Choice Of Wearing Rompers

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Scientists Find a Deer Eating Human Remains

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Have You Heard of Comedians "Chop and Steele"?

First appearing on the Western Wisconsin news, the fitness gurus Chop and Steele, have been making their rounds on the internet. The duo market themselves as professional strongmen and would demonstrate by lifting milk jugs, stomping on wicker baskets, and chopping tiny sticks.

Darth Vader Works at a Hospital in Tennessee!

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Tips For Surviving Final Exam Season

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