Look Out World, There's Harry Potter Ice Cream

Courtesy of Yuenling Ice Cream, we now have Butterbeer in a frozen cup o' goodness.  Related posts: Free Ice Cream on Sunday? National Ice Cream Day! This Magical Makeup Brand Will Excite Your Inner Muggle East Coast Ice Cream Road Trip Anyone? We've Mapped It Out For You! Starbucks Will Now Serve Ice Cream!

Amazon CEO Tests Out Intense Robot Suit

CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos released a video of him at a top-secret event of him testing out a massive mechanical robot suit. Related posts: So, Basically Google Created iRobot, And It's Freaky How To Access Amazon Echo’s Celebrity Alarms The Absolute Weirdest Things You Can Buy on Amazon Proof That Time Travel Is Real

ICYMI: Brewery Makes Beer Out of Sewage Water

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Bizarre! Groups of 200 Humpback Whales Spotted Together

Scientists have noticed, on more than one occasion, groups of humpback whales hanging out with each other. Related posts: You'll Never Guess How "Bank" The Sea Turtle Got His Name New Picture of Earth from the International Space Station! College Accidentally Gave Students Lethal Dose Of Caffeine Are We Really From Mars?

Man Dies After Charging His iPhone While Bathing

Electricity and water do not mix, and a sad story published in The Sun proves people need to be more cautious when dealing with electronics. Back in December, a man was electrocuted after charging his iPhone while bathing. It is believed the man was on the phone and the battery was low, so he connected…

Check Out The Newest Monopoly Game Pieces

Though some longtime Monopoly fans were devastated when Hasbro announced that the popular game would retire the thimble, the wheelbarrow, and the boot game pieces, you have to admit that the new additions are an exciting change. Related posts: People Are Not Happy After Monopoly Ditches Iconic Game Piece Throwin' It Back Farther - NES…