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Attention Local Business Owners!

Are you a business owner looking to stand out and boost your brand awareness? With today's widespread use of the internet, tablets, and smartphones you'll want to market both on-Air AND online! Learn how Radio, combined with the power of Social Media and Interactive Marketing, can make your business top of mind.

Heads Will Roll

This may be in violation of "Cole's Law," but heads did already roll on I-490 in Rochester yesterday when a truck hauling the vegetable overturned. One might refer to this as a "gas spill." For another patch of cabbage info Click Here.

HBD To Michael Jackson - His Influence Is Everywhere!

Michael Jackson's music and influence is everywhere you go. You see it in movies, commercials, and even ET posed for a picture with him. To commemorate Michael's birthday, we wanted to share just how many references there are out there to MJ and how he's shaped the world with his music.