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Protect You Plants From Insects

This season, get the correct information to protect your plants from insects!

At Barlow's we educate our gardeners about beneficial bugs or as we like to call them, "good bugs", to help keep your favorite flowers, plants, and veggies free of "bad bugs".

Battle Of The Superhero Trailers!

It's been a long-standing rivalry in the world of comic books - Marvel vs. DC. This week saw trailers drop for the newest blockbusters from both sides of the Superhero realms. The Justice League trailer sees Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman (nothing like the version in Superfriends cartoon!), Flash, and Cyborg come together (a la…

Latest Food Trend: Yogurt Art

Trying to spice up your morning breakfast? Yogurt art is now becoming a popular form of design. By using plain yogurt, people will create images using a variety of sauces as well as fruit. Each piece is unique, colorful and will only last as long as your stomach will allow!