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10 Pieces of Character School Supplies

We are sure the little student in your life has a favorite character from television or the movies.

With school just around the corner, make sure they are decked out in their favorite gear.

From Minions to Spongebob, here are 10 pieces of character school supplies that your kid needs!


1.     These four little paper clips will bring a little bit of Disney magic to your child’s school routine.  Donald Duck, Pluto, Minnie and Mickey Mouse will look adorable holding homework assignments together.

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100pcs Mickey Paper Clips Bookmarks School Supplies Stationery No.4010-01,02,03 https://t.co/Lv0P4ao07z

2.     This Spongebob Squarepants lunch box will make your kid feel like they’re living in Bikini Bottom! Who knows, maybe there’ll be a Krabby Patty waiting inside.

Dongguan Tinpak on Twitter

Use SpongeBob tin lunch box to conveniently carry lunch, school supplies and personal items. https://t.co/Tg1uuTAK31

3.     Both of these Minion notebooks will make you want to write “Banana” over and over again! Learning is always fun with these yellow guys.

diabético on Twitter

Yes, I did get minion school supplies. Hate on it. #Minions

4.     Pink, sparkly and perfect to hold your pencils, this case is the right size for any My Little Pony fan.

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Hasbro My Little Pony pink sequined pencil case organizer school supplies https://t.co/Q1BzcaOPUr


5.     Everyone knows that going to school can be quite an adventure. Make sure your little guy or girl brings both Finn and Jake for the journey.

Jathziry on Twitter

My little brothers back to school supplies awe his obsession over Adventure Time is cute


6.     This Olaf pen will make the first day of school better with a warm hug. Not only does he look adorable, but the pen also includes sparkles! What more could anyone ask for?

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backtoschool Disney Parks Store Authentic FROZEN Olaf Snowman Pen School Supplies Kids New https://t.co/H6fbLW6UJz #schoolsupplies

7.     Who doesn’t love Hello Kitty? Bring the famous cat and the rest of her Sanrio friends with you to school in this stylish backpack.

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new Hello Kitty multi character 40th anniversary book bag school supplies Sanrio https://t.co/aBmyfuPu7f

8.     Mistakes happen when you’re learning. However, they won’t be as bad with this mega Iron Man eraser. If only there was a Tony Stark eraser too!

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backtoschool Iron Man 3 Jumbo Pencil Eraser NEW School Supplies Marvel... https://t.co/NyZsW1CJMG #schoolsupplies

9.     BB-8 and R2-D2 can keep your pencils safe in this monogrammed case.

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10. Pikachu will help your favorite Pokemaster be successful in school! These bright yellow pens are perfect topped off with everyone’s favorite Pokemon

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