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'Daria,' 20 Years Later, What Do They Look Like Now?

Through the 90's, there was a special place in everyone's hearts for Daria. 

Entertainment Weekly brought together the co-creator and animator for Daria to revisit the characters, and what they'd look like now. Co-creator Susie Lewis admitted that she'd even love to bring Daria back to TV. (Hey Netflix, can we get on this?)


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See what #Daria and her friends look like today! https://t.co/84KgDgTwJ6


Consequence Of Sound shared the shots of the explanations of the characters now. According to the write up's, Daria lives in Hell's Kitchen NYC (watch out Daredevil) and is the only female writer on a late night talk show. She lives with a toilet trained cat named Godzilla, and is completely over Trent. Jane lives in SoHo and is married, but her hubby is never home so she gets to hang with Daria a lot. Trent is still in a band, and is also a bartender. He likes to hang out with Jane and occasionally Daria as well. And of course, you can check out what Jane and Quinn's Parents are like. Clearly, Quinn has become a Mom, judging by the pictures.


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Where are Daria & Co. now? Find out: https://t.co/5yCEZebuSu


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