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5 Films That Didn't Get Nominated For An Oscar That You Should Still See

With the Oscars quickly approaching this weekend, it makes us want to look back on the 2016 movie year.

Last year, we managed to see a lot of firsts as well a historical reboots. There was a series of films that slide under the Academy’s radar that we still personally believe should have been nominated. Here’s our top 5 movies that did not receive a nomination, but we think you should still see anyway!



  1. The Founder

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Based of the story of McDonald’s franchiser, Ray Kroc turned two brother’s small fast food chain into the beast we all now know today. Michael Keaton stars as Ray, the failing salesman turned millionaire, who is ruthless to transform the chain into a household name. Our personal opinion, this movie should have been nominated at least for Best Actor or Cinematography. Keaton portrays Ray down to his characteristics - charming, yet slimy. The cinematography, on the other hand, is visually stunning and will make you wish you lived in the 1950’s.


  1. Other People

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Beware: if you watch this movie, make sure to do so with a box of tissues. Molly Shannon portrays a mother dying of cancer who has to have her son, a struggling comedy writer, take care of her. Shannon is stunning in her performance and somehow brings a humorous yet dramatic approach to this role. In our opinion, we think that this movie should have been nominated for Best Screenplay or Best Supporting Actress. Even though the story is predictable, it is bold and will make you appreciate the family around you.



  1. Deadpool

Time to embrace that warm and itchy feeling. #12DaysOfDeadpool

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Hilarious and inventive, Deadpool was, in our opinion, one of the best films of 2016. The superhero film broke the regular approach to Marvel characters by making the movie R-rated and allowing characters to break the fourth wall. Not to mention, the film’s creators are extremely self deprecating from the first moments the film begins. We definitely recommend this film but, fair warning, it’s definitely not for kids!



  1. Sing Street

Best movie I've seen in forevers. #singstreetmovie

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A modern musical based off a boy living in 1980’s Dublin, this film tugged at our heart strings. With extreme optimism, after watching this film, you will feel like you can conquer anything! Currently streaming on Netflix, we personally believe that this film was snubbed. If it were up to us, we think it should have at least been nominated for Best Original Song or Screenplay.


  1. Midnight Special

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The movie that complete slid under the 2016 movie radar! Might night Special follows the story of a father and son as they are being chased by the government and a cult, who are both in awe of the child’s powers. The film is unique, mysterious, and visually stunning. We would have like to have seen it clean up in the Best Cinematography category or even Best Supporting Actors!



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