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10 Facts You May Not Know About the Oscars

In order to prepare for February 26th, here are 10 pieces of trivia that you may not know about the biggest night in Hollywood:


1. There has only been one film in Oscar history to win in every category it was nominated.

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King took home eleven different awards at the 76th Oscar ceremony. Its all-time winning high ties LOTR with Ben-Hur and Titanic.

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Happy #Frodo-day! In case you didn't know or forgot, here are the Oscars that The Lord of the Rings movies won. #ElijahWood


2. The oldest Oscar nominee in award ceremony history was Gloria Stuart.

At 87 years old, she was nominated in 1997 for her portrayal of “Old Rose” in the Titanic. The youngest person to ever accept a trophy was Tatum O’Neal for her role as Addie in Paper Moon. Tatum was just 10 years old when she received an Oscar statue.

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Tatum O'Neal and Ryan O'Neal from Paper Moon 1973


3. In 1929, the first Academy Awards was held at the Roosevelt Hotel.

The private dinner ceremony only lasted for 15 minutes and was not broadcasted or televised. It was not until 1953 that the Oscars would appear on your TV screens.

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Greer Garson and James Cagney, Academy Award winners of 1943. #Oscars --JB


4. Walt Disney hold the record for the most decorated individual.

He has won 22 Oscars from a totally of 59 nominations.

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Durante su exitosa carrera, Walt Disney fue premiado con 22 Oscars de un total de 59 nominaciones. #Oscars #MarcaExitosaMarcaProtegida


5. Two actors have received an Oscar posthumously.

Heath Ledger won best supporting actor for his portrayal as the “Joker” in The Dark Knight. Peter Finch also snagged the best actor award during the 48th annual award show for his role in Network.

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Heath Ledger'ın Joker'i Oscar, Altın Küre ve BAFTA'yı kazanırken, Jared Leto'nun Joker'i Razzie'ye aday oldu. Fark ortada.


6. Not every person graciously accepts their award.

In 1973, Marlon Brando famously refused to accept his gold statue. Instead, he sent a young Native American woman to read his statement and collect his award on his behalf. Earlier in Oscar history, another recipient also refused the award. Dudley Nichols won for his 1935 screenplay in The Informer and did not collect his prize.

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1973. En nombre de Marlon Brando, Sacheen Littlefeather rechaza el Oscar en plena ceremonia por maltrato y exclusión pueblos indígenas USA


7. Two Hollywood families have had three generations win an Academy Award.

The Hustons; Walter (1948), son John (1948), and granddaughter Anjelica (1985). The second family is the Coppolas; Carmine (1974), son Francis Ford (1970), and granddaughter Sofia (2003). Talk about all in the family!

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@erichurtgen @iamthebaldeagle @_________NI its actually good wine surprisingly. Coppola's winery has all of his Oscars and props inside too.


8. At the Dolby Theaters in Hollywood, the red carpet outside is over 500 feet long!

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Room #star #Jacob #Tremblay wears Millennium #Falcon cufflinks and #DarthVader socks on the Oscars red carpet" #starwars


9. Each statue a winner would receive weights 8.5 pound.

The statuette is also 13.5 inches tall and have a 5.25 inch base.

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THE BIG FOUR. 2013.2014.2015.2016. #oscars


10. Beauty and the Beast was the first animated film to receive a best picture nomination.

Sadly, that year the Disney classic did not win. It was beat by another legendary movie, Silence of the Lambs.

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Did you know that the first animated film to be nominated for an Oscar was Disney's Beauty and the Beast? #Disney #Oscars


Catch the 89th Academy Awards ceremony on February 26 at 7 PM EST live on ABC.


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