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STARBUCKS Just Started Mobile Ordering - THIS IS NOT A DRILL!

For those of you who are coffee fanatics, BREAKING NEWS! You will now be able to order your Starbucks WHILE MOBILE. 

That's right, kids. E! just reported that the beta testing is available on the app to most folks, and you can now place your order before arrival.



In the upper right hand corner of the app, you can find the "beta" ordering, and can place the order if in your area. So if you brake for Starbucks more than usual, you can save yourself those extra pesky minutes of getting out and waiting in line by ordering VIA mobile, and beat the lines of the #basic girls getting their Pumpkin Spice Lattes on.

And, well, your name will be right, because you put in your name in the app already. That's always a plus.

If you do not have the Starbucks app, you can choose so here by picking your poison of Operating Systems:

iPhone    OR     Android


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