I'm a die-hard New York Rangers fan and tonight starts the Stanley Cup Finals against the Los Angeles Kings. I haven't shaved since April 17th as superstition forces me to grow a beard during the playoffs.  Is it hideous since it's untrimmed?  Some would say yes.

Now before I get grief for being a New Jersey resident and a Rangers fan, let it be known that I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY.  I was at the parade down the "Canyon Of Heroes" in June, 1994.  I had about 20-25 friends at my parents house to watch Game 7 when we won the Stanley Cup.  To say this moment has been LONG-AWAITED for me and all other Rangers fans would be an understatement.

For the next week+, my life will be consumed with the Stanley Cup Finals.  My life will be consumed with the New York Rangers....and after 4 wins, I hope my life will be consumed with a 5th Stanley Cup for my team.