Tailgating BANNED At PNC Bank Arts Center (READ)

It's a tradition that comes every summer at the PNC Bank Arts Center before each concert....well, WAS a tradition anyway.

Effective this summer, the township of Holmdel has effectively BANNED any pre-concert tailgating in "any venue that seats more than 4,000 people."  The only venue in Holmdel that seats this many people is the PNC Bank Arts Center at 7,000 making this a targeted mandate for the concert amphitheatre.

Patrick Impreveduto, mayor of Holmdel, has stated that these tailgating and other ancillary events at the Arts Center "disturb the residents of Holmdel" as well as "strain the use of police and emergency services."  Holmdel says they are not receiving any compensation for use of these services either.

Ok, perhaps the mayor has a point with the police/emergency services personnel...but DISTURBING THE RESIDENTS???  As you can see in the satellite photo, the Arts Center is situated directly off the Garden State Parkway by exit 117.  The NEAREST residential area is at least half a mile away behind the Arts Center past the woods.  If you can explain to me how the tailgating in the parking lots (which is IN FRONT of the Arts Center, on the Parkway side of the property) affects residents, I'll give you a gold star.

What are your thoughts on this new mandate?  Will this stop you from going to the PNC this summer or does this not affect you since you don't tailgate?  Leave your comments in the section below.

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